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Our Philosophy

Thank you for visiting our firm's website. Whether you are a current client, were referred to us by a friend of the practice, or learned of our services through our presence in the community, we welcome you.

It is our intention that every visitor to our site is able to easily attain the type of information and knowledge about our firm that they seek.  We are proud of our track record of success over the years. Over this period of time we have worked diligently to help meet the needs and objectives of our clients. Still, we are always striving to improve our depth of knowledge and quality of service by leveraging the use of technology and communication in reaching our clients and their families.

There is nothing more important to us than earning and maintaining the trust, confidence and respect of our clients. We have built our practice, chosen our affiliation with Lincoln Financial Advisors, and staffed our practice to achieve this end. We are housed in Texas, but as an active member of The Resource Group, an invitation only, national network of top 200 financial professionals within Lincoln Financial Advisors Corp., we have unlimited access and the ability to collaborate with our vast network of colleagues for the benefit of our clients and their unique situations.

Enjoy your visit to our website, and please feel free to contact us or anyone on our team if we can be of direct assistance to you or your family.

Ryan Rayburn CFP® and Colleen Bowler, CFP®

Colleen Bowler, CFP®

Colleen Bowler, CFP®

President and Founder

P: (972) 361-2800

F: (972) 960-6837

Ryan C. Rayburn, CFP®

Ryan C. Rayburn, CFP®

Managing Partner

P: (972) 361-3800

F: (972) 960-6847